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Best of Boroughs - NYC Treats

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  • Sylvia’s Soul Food Cornbread Mix (8.5 oz)
  • 10 Butterscotch crisp cookies from Eleni’s
  • Bag of freshly ground coffee beans from the Bronx's Little Italy (8 oz)
  • Sweet and Salty kettle corn from Coney Island Classics (1.5 oz)
  • NYC Pop-Culture Word Search
  • NYC Crossword Puzzle
  • NYC Coloring Sheets
  • Virtual tour of iconic NYC neighborhood


New York City is known for its various neighborhoods, cuisines, cultures and people.  Let Inside Out Tours brings some of that diversity straight to your doorstep. 

Included in our NYC Kit is melt-in-your mouth Sweet and Salty flavored kettle corn made right on the iconic boardwalk of Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

Travel north to the Bronx’s Little Italy where you will receive some of the freshest and aromatic freshly ground coffee beans available to start your morning. Next on the NYC food tour is corn bread mix from one of the most recognizable restaurants in all of Harlem: Sylvia’s Soul Food.  To round out your basket and satisfy your sweet tooth, you will receive 10 Butterscotch crisp cookies from Eleni’s, a female owned business feeding NYCers for 20 years.

Also included is a virtual tour of one of New York City’s most iconic neighborhood led by expert guide as well as some family friendly activities such as a NYC based word search, crossword puzzle and coloring sheet.

Thank you for supporting local businesses.

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